Friday, April 04, 2014

Life In Pictures ( Tumblr)

First off, this is my hair color now. Did it on a whim over spring break, with help from Shelbie (we made a massacre out of her bathroom). Second, Abbie has a new favorite movie, I'll give you a hint..."let it go". Pretty sure I've watched it at least twice each day since we got it on Blu-Ray. But here's another round of random shots I've taken the past few weeks, mostly instagrams this time. Oops.

These two were from back before spring break, before and after I collapsed from back to back seizures in the middle of my photography class. Bashed my head and neck pretty bad, hence the neck brace. I've been ok since, but the doctor I'm seeing is trying to figure out if these are from me developing epilepsy or if they are pseudo-seizures (they exist apparently) brought on by stress. Will keep you post, but I'm fine.

Minus my art critique picture and the bookshelf picture (which was from my first visit to The Goat Farm in Atlanta, which I wanted to crawl inside and never leave.), these were from a recent class visit to Get This Gallery in Midtown for Stephanie Dowda's and Tommy Nease's showings. Got to meet Stephanie, not Tommy, which was a shame because while interesting, Stephanie's work did not appeal to me the way Tommy's did.

And in other news, I have a Tumblr now. Link has been added to the list on the left. More than likely, I will be moving all my rants and personal stuff not concerning Abbie or my coloums here to that page now. Check it out.

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