Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life In Pictures

Abbie is officially using the toilet and using pull-ups! We still use diapers at night, but during the day and at her school, she's in pull-ups. So far so good and we've been lucky to only have one accident so far at home. But it's still really early, so that luck may not last. I plan to also crack back down on her bink use to only when she is napping/sleeping and she hates that. Wish me luck!

End of semester home stretch, so I've been absent from this blog and pretty much elsewhere except for tumblr and instagram (only because they are readily available on my phone in my short periods of downtime). So here's a new haul of pictures from the past week and a half. The mask pictures and two classroom pictures are from my studio classes' final exam performance art shows. I may not post pictures and video from mine because it's a little gritty for a family blog, so that may appear on my art page and tumblr if you want to view them.

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