Sunday, May 04, 2014

Farmer's Market Saturdays

Yesterday, my dad took Owlfish and I with him to the Alpharetta Farmer's Market. My parents will quite often on payday weekends go shopping there for a good chunk of our produce and bread. As far as I know, Abbie had never been to one and while very grumpy through some of the walk, she enjoyed going table to table for the free samples (even if she didn't eat them.) She got to pet dogs and get her own cup of fresh squeezed lemonade as well. She was a pretty happy kid when she wasn't fussing.

She'll hate me one day for sharing this, but while at the main produce table (pictured below), Abbie snatched a cherry tomato from a basket of them on the table. I tried to stop her, but the sweet man selling the vegetables let her have it for free. So she smiled, took a huge bite of of it...only to then looked horrified, spit it out, and start crying. We assume that she thought it was a cherry or strawberry, which she loves. It was to adorable, even if she now looks at red fruit with caution now.

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