Thursday, May 01, 2014

Maypole, Maypole, round'n'round

The May-pole is up,
Now give me the cup;
I'll drink to the garlands around it;
But first unto those
Whose hands did compose
The glory of flowers that crown'd it.

A health to my girls,
Whose husbands may earls
Or lords be, granting my wishes,
And when that ye wed
To the bridal bed,
Then multiply all, like to fishes.

-Robert Herrick -1591

Merry Beltane! Blessed Be from Owlfish & Family!

Today also means that my spring semester is finally over and Owlfish's last day of her first semester of daycare is tomorrow. So grateful to be done with this hellish semester and I'll be glad to finally have more time with Owlfish, even though she dearly loves her school, her friends, and her teacher. She's probably gonna take some time adjusting to being home during the week. But if things work out with school, she'll be going back during my summer semester, so I think she will be ok. She decided tonight to be mean and not eat her dinner, not entirely sure why. But she went to bed early, so I'm going to assume she's just worn out from playing outside finally today after all this crappy weather lately in the South. Hopefully you all have had great weather and a great Beltane wherever you are.

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