Friday, June 13, 2014

Spooky days

Image by Abigail Larson, found via we<3it

Hello strangers. Welcome to June. And Happy Friday the 13th AND Happy Full Honey Moon! So not only is today mama's token "lucky day", but also, a rare full moon is tonight. Not only is it the honey colored moon, but another Friday the 13 full moon won't happen again until 2049. Guess what? My ass will be almost 60 years old and Abbie will be nearing about 37. How bizarre is that?? Hopefully your day has been full of spooks, black cats, good movies, and some summertime magic.

Apologies for the lack of proper updates. Life has kinda gotten in the way and I've recently had to take a step back from the digital world for my own mental health. Other that chasing a very active Owlfish around (it's definitely summer time), other projects I'm starting on have been on the rise, along with actively getting back into shape thanks to a new personal trainer and diet change. We'll see how this goes! I've kept up at least with the 52 Project (except for the last two weeks, which I have posted as backlogged), but if you haven't seen the new pictures of Owlfish, go check them out on the link list to the left.

Today has been a relatively good and relaxing day. Last night was rough due to family issues, but we made up for it today by spending sometime with Aunt Becky (who's marriage I need to still make a post about!). After fighting a nap and getting antsy with a bit of cabin fever, Owlfish and I ventured outside before a storm came (spooky, huh??) so she could ride around on her tricycle a bit and play at the neighborhood park. You an see how overcast the day was in these pictures and it took my playing mean mommy to get her to come inside before it hit. She's getting a lot better at using the pedals in her trike and likes having a basket in the back for the random pebbles, rocks, and loose change she finds outside. 

This weekend, I plan to make the weekly 52 Project post and a Life in Pictures post to catch up a bit. I'm hoping form here on out, I'll be posting much more frequently and getting back to the weekly column posts. Starting next week though, I'm going to attempt to do "screen free" weekends and unplug fro Friday evening to Monday morning. I need to be taking decent breaks from social media and paying more attention to what is going on around me, especially my ever growing child. 

Also, even though personal things may still spill over here (pagan holidays, fun posts about DIY/Recipes/column posts, angst blogging, etc.), I'm attempting to keep that to as much of a minimum as possible now. Before and after Daniel and I split, I started noticing I was letting too much of my personal issues take precedence in my writing and it wasn't good. The original purpose of this blog was to be a way to chart Owlfish's life growing up and our life as a family of two, mostly for my friends and family that live far away. But now that I seem to be gaining other readers, it's time to get back to the original reason for this page.  If for some reason you want to see my personal postings, you can head over to my tumblr, which is on the links to the right. I will warn you that it is personal for a reason and will sometimes be NSFW. But from here, only good things, especially about Owlfish. :)

Enjoy the full moon tonight and be safe!

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