Saturday, November 22, 2014


It's been a long absence from this blog for Owlfish and I. Last post was in June, it's crazy. There's been a lot of changes. I know I talk about change a lot on this blog, both in our combined lives and individually, but the past five months have probably been the most trying time for the both of us. It's required us to not only learn to stay strong, but how to perservere and stand completely alone. I myself not only discovered how much growing I had to do to survive, but the power the internet and complete strangers have on impacting change in a positive way. People I have barely known or even met have been our strongest allies when sometimes family and friends have completely abandoned us. 

But in the space of five months, I have managed to learn survival, found a steady, long term job, stayed in school, and turned 25 in a state I hope to one day call home. As for Owlfish? She is potty-training, no more bink, has start learning to read, and turned 3 years old. We've come a long way in such a short amount of time. More on that to come

While it hasn't looked like I've been around on here, I have actually continued posting to this blog, but privately. I turned it into a journal instead of a blog as a way to try and keep myself distracted. And I've decided tonight, on the New Moon, the mark of new beginnings and new growth, to begin posting publicly here again. In the next few days, I will start making a few of my private posts public, so as to better explain what has happened since June to anyone who hasn't kept up with us via Twitter or Instagram. Once I've made public those posts, I will make a blog post to give links to make them easier to find.

This also means I plan to pick up where I have left off with my columns I've had one here, such as the 52 Project, Things I'm Obsessed With, and Library. I will also be introducing a Recipes column in time for the holidays (in partnership with a new affiliate post about this to come!), along with restarting my Year of the Jars beginning in 2015.

So for those who have stuck around, we thank you. To the new followers, we're glad you decided to stop by. Things have leveled out, we're both alive and okay. And now, back to business: spamming you with pictures and stories of a sassy three-year-old and her weird mom.

As posted before, this blog is strictly about my family and creative columns. All my personal posts, private thoughts, NSFW things, and inspirations can be found on my tumblr listed to the right. IT IS NSFW, so you have been warned.

Be back soon, keep checking in. This blog will also be undergoing some facelifting and changes, so bear with us as we transition. <3