Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Year in Review

Whew! 2014 is at last almost over. This has been...quite a year to say the least. One for the books and unfortunately, not really in a good way. If 2013 was the year of lessons, this was the year of transition. The year of change. Our most trying year so far. Once again, life decided to throw as many curve balls as possible to keep us on our toes, the universe testing resolve and ability to adapt. 

But we made it. We're finally on the threshold of 2015, hopefully a year of awesome new chances and hope. Abbie is happy and healthy, growing like a weed. I am content with that alone. She tried her best to stay up with me tonight for new years, but only made it tip about 10:30 tonight. But she's still here, my constant. I'm indeed very lucky.

So onto my recap of this trying year as I battle a cold again on New Years (just like last year!). As I said in my last post, I will be making public a few of my private posts from my time away from this blog. As soon as I do, I will compile a list of them for all of you nosy people. One of my resolutions is to continue to keep up with this blog and my columns, no matter what goes on. (And debut the blog's facelift I've been working on!) This blog has been a great way to meet so many new people and network. I can only hope that will continue into 2015.

But here is Owlfish & Family's 2014 in review:


Began a new photography set, the 52 Project. Started spring semester. Made a huge choice in my personal life. Abbie began early learning daycare. Snowpocalypse 2k14, phase 1.


 Celebrated Imbolc and battled cyberbullying. Started potty-training hardcore. Snowpocalypse 2k14, phase 2. Started visiting more art shows and began picking up a camera often. Started incorporating reading every night to build Abbie's vocabulary.


Ended the first retrograde and continued with the 52 Project. Celebrated women. Battled stomach bugs and ear infections. Abbie re-picked up her bink habit (NO!). Went on mini-vacations.


Got a Tumblr. Changed my hair drastically. Became acquainted with the Goat Farm in Atlanta. Learned I had seizures. Owlfish was Star of the Month. Celebrated Ostara/Easter with Owlfish's first egg hunt. Performed my first Performance Art piece and closed a painful chapter in my life. Finished spring semester. Abbie started using pull-ups daily.


Celebrated Beltane. Went to the Farmer's markets. Celebrated Mother's Day. Two of my best friends tied the knot and Owlfish was their flower girl. Began co-sleeping.


Got a new couch at home. Saw some incredible movies. Abbie's hair can now be braided! Retreated to the outdoors to avoid problems at home and made a big move onto Tumblr. My unexpected last post in the 52 Project

July- September 
(The Wilderness Months- view my instagram for pictures from these months)

Home life employed and many issues became worse. Owlfish and I homeless and couch surfed for quite sometime. Was lucky enough to find a new stable job at Waffle House, and see another best friend tie the knot. Started a GOFUNDME to help us out of homelessness that blessed us with so much help and new faith in strangers. Struck out on my own. Started fall semester and Owlfish began early-PreK.


Celebrated Owlfish's third birthday with a Frozen themed party. Moved back home, despite it's continuing instability and familial problems. Continued to hold down a job and attend school, while parenting a bright three year old. Celebrated the Samhain and All Hallow's Eve.

Turned 25 years old. Celebrated another special birthday. Turned in my intent to graduate in 2015.

Life imploded again and spent the holidays in the hospital. Left for recovery just before New Years.

As you can see, it was not the greatest year, although there was as always much to be thankful for. I'm very much excited for a new slate with 2015, which hopefully holds me finally living alone with my Owlfish and, at long last, graduating from my university with my degrees, along with just in general positive changes.

So from both of us crazy girls, to you and yours, 
we wish you a Happy (and SAFE) New Years and a blessed 2015!
This is the year of YES.

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