Sunday, February 07, 2016

Has it really been a year?


Time. It's a funny thing, how quickly time can pass. All these ideas, goals, things to achieve in your mind...then suddenly you blink and it is over a year later. Sitting here now, because part of an online assignment I have been given was to start a personal blog, I'm going back through so many old memories, photos that were taken, posts I made that I loved, things that were accomplished....and I realize just how much I've missed blogging regularly. It was such a central part of my life, a way to track my family's growth through life. And now it's been over a year. My last post was made December 31, 2014....a year of huge transitioning. A year I thought would destroy me. 

But it is 2016 now. And everything is different, mostly for the better. Yes, definitely better.

Hey everyone! It's us! We're back.

Did you miss seeing us crazy girls on the internet? Did you check back to see if we'd return? A few of you are now following us on Instagram, Twitter, even Tumblr! Well, we have returned. I can't really speak for Owlfish, but I've missed posting to you.

Also, see that teenager looking girl up in that picture? Can you believe Owlfish is now four and about to start Pre-K in the fall? Would you believe that as of December 2015, I have officially finished college? Yes indeed, this momma is finally a college graduate. So much has changed, I can't wait to update everyone (if I remember!).

This online assignment that spurred our return to the world of blogging came with an article that was run a decade ago in 2006 from the American Journalism Review. The author of the article, Danan Hull, is a reporter from the San Jose Mercury news. In the piece, she talks about how the fast paced, uniquely individual world of blogging had started to seep into the world of news and journalism. Besides a discussion on copyright infringement, Hull discussed how the world of blogging to a news company or journalism center becomes a much more restrictive outlet, devoid of the ease of snark and wit ,due to laws, ethics, and all in all need-to-cover-your-assery. Definitely not something a twenty-something single mother blogger thinks about regularly, as I do not have a connection to any company who I could damage credibly with my words (a;though my words can still ge myself into trouble were I not careful). Generally, I only have to look out for myself and my daughter, but remember my manners about things I post that could be considered touchy. This is a process I follow especially on my personal blog on tumblr, where I have a tendency to post opinions and articles that are NSFW or politically one-sided. In general, I have always felt blogs were a necessary thing to exist, because even with som,thing like breaking news or current events, its important to get an outsider's view on it because then the possibly of their opinions with no media bias opens up.

What do you think? Has the world of blogging reached such a mainstream that news organizations need it? Shoot me an opinion on Twitter (@BurntNickel)

Feel free to read the article yourself using this citation in your google machine---->  Hull, D. (2006). Blogging between the lines. American Journalism Review28(6), 62-67. 

Or just click this link here ---> Blogging Between The Lines

Anyway- here's an excuse to start checking back with us again! Now that life has become a little more even keeled, I plan to start re-vamping and blogging much more. We have so much to update you with and a lot in store!

If you're an old hat, thanks for sticking around this long. If you're new, welcome! Enjoy our corner of the internet. Bear with us as we change things up!


  1. Your Owlfish is so freakin cute! Congratulations on becoming a college graduate, and I enjoyed seeing all the pictures.

  2. Your Owlfish is so freakin cute! Congratulations on becoming a college graduate, and I enjoyed seeing all the pictures.